Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black Mirror

Exactly 20 minute speedpaint before bed.


Felipe! said...

Hey Doug, it's Felipe. Just wanted to keep in touch and everything. This is the account I use for my own blog, which I've been updating a lot more (following your advice kind of). I also followed your advice and started a sketchbook thread on Concept Art:
I figure if I say I'm 16 they'll go easy on me. Anyways, I just wanted to be in touch, since I don't see you at the Monday figure drawing things. This next Monday is my last before I go to RISD for pretty much the whole summer, so if you go, I won't be there. Good luck with Savannah!


Doug said...

Hey good to hear from you! The past few mondays have been hell for me but I'll be back at the next coulple figure drawing sessions starting this monday.
The work you have on Concept art looks fantastic, you have a ton of potential to exceed in any area of art... you have stuff there that's better then a lot of the stuff I've seen college kids put out, and I'm not just saying that. Keep drawing, sketching, and if you want to get into concept art, play around with a wacom tablet and familiarize yourself as much as possible with all the digital programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, exc
On a site note, is Sebastian Di Poi your older brother? If so, I know him, used to go cliff jumping with him and some other mutual friends. If you see him, tell him I say hi.


Felipe! said...

Thanks Doug, I appreciate it a lot. Seb is my cousin. He's always told me about going cliff jumping but he's never taken me. I'll tell him you said hi.