Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...and the stars are projectors

Summer in Savannah is right around the corner, the temperature is slowly rising, and the humidity is becoming more and more intense. Days of cliff jumping, hiking, and all that good outdoor stuff that I'd do in Connecticut are slowly turning to nostalgic times to look back upon. Not going to lie, I miss it. Still, I'm looking forward to spending the summer down here at the beach, taking fun classes, and hanging out with good people, exc

Anyways, here's more concept art for "Box". Design is slowly moving toward completion. The other unnamed character will be next. Both models will be completed by the summer's end, then textured/mapped in the "character look/development" class I'm taking in the fall. Animation will start next spring, and the film will hopefully be done at the end of next summer/fall. Though, that plan could all change, who knows! Either way, I love all the work I'm doing down here. SCAD's animation department is not perfect, but the amount I've learned in the past few months, and the people I've met make me realize that I'm in a great spot right now.

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